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Most of my images were shot on 35mm transparency film. Then a digital file is created, using the best equipment available. This allows us to then print with the state of the art enlargers. I am, however, now currently shooting mostly digital.

No. All images are photographed under “ideal conditions” and are very accurate to the scene. Slight corrections are sometimes needed.

Yes, in most cases you will save 30%. Please note that the 40″ images we offer are photograph only, shipped in a tube.

Yes, especially if there are more than one of same size. For example,  2-24″ image size, [26″x 34″matted] photographs still ship in the same box, which is $35 within the Conintental States. Another example, 3-14″ image size [16″ x 20″ matted size] ship in the same box for only $25.

Yes, we can ship almost anywhere, and have. Canada is 50% more than shipping within the United States. That also covers the Customs forms. Any other country is by quote. We will need the complete mailing address with Postal code.

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