What others say

I wanted to let you know how much we love your photography. We first saw your work when we were in Cabo a few years ago and absolutely fell in love. We got “Balloon Man” as a wedding gift and have just ordered “Baja Cafe”. We love your ability to capture such amazing yet simple moments in time. Your photos speak a thousand words and are a wonderful addition to our home.

I recently spent a week in Cabo San Lucas, and saw your amazing photo exhibition there. My friend and I would go look at it almost every night. It gave me such great pleasure, I would have to count it as one of the highlights of my trip. Thank you for sharing your vision and your soul. You are truly a great and inspired artist.

I’m retired now, but I’ve owned several art galleries in the past. I never considered photography art until I saw your work… We just got our “Casa De Las Cruces” back from the framer and love it! Now we’re deciding which image to order next.

I own two cosmetic dentistry practices in L.A. Between the two locations we have 16 large Tomas Spangler photographs decorating the spaces. Both patients and staff alike never grow tired of viewing them.

Reflejo el Corazon de la gente son reales!

Tus fotografias son mas que fantasticas!! Gracias por mostramos estas, ventanas a tum undo, y regalarnos las mas excelentes fotografias vistas atraves de tus ojos.

Wow! You captured so much in your photos- you have an excellent eye… and timing. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every photograph.

Tomas, we have five of your photos and look forward to more! They make us laugh & they remind us of the enjoyment of Mexico, it’s rich history. We feel very lucky to enjoy your talent every day! Thank you, and we wish you very well!

We are great admirer’s, have loved your work for twelve years in coming to Cabo. Love your prospective! We will definitely consider ordering for our new home. Cheers!

Thank you for all the beautiful work you do! We now have three of your pieces and expect we’ll purchase more… You have an incredible eye for color and character! Love you art!

I have a large “Playa el Arco” hanging over my desk at the office. Love, love, love having it…I go to Cabo every day!!…in my mind…while I’m working…fabulous!

Tomas, you are the Ansel Adams of color!!

We have a large “Playa del Arco” displayed in our home- lots of comments from friends. We were pleased with the service and delivery of the piece. It is very special to us!

Amazing work! Enjoyed the colors and the feeling of texture! You have captured your subjects, whether it be a chair, doorway, or person. Thank you for the great visual!

You are an amazing artist. All of your work is “muy bonito”! You have captured life in a way that so many of us will never have the opportunity to see. The images remain in my mind’s eye for many years to come. Thank you for your contribution.

We received our picture completely free of damage- had it framed and get many comments on how beautiful it is!

Excellent eye. The photographs feel and look three dimensional. Love the subject matter, very poetic, speaks volumes. Each photo conjours up a sense of time and no time at all.

Esto es calidad y appecio mucho los tonos y colors naturales de tu trabajo. Es excelente! Tu major foto es la de “Best Friends” y pienso que toda persona que la vea gozara del mensaje.